Property Spotlight: A Whimsical Retreat for an A-List Name!

Lonny Magazine, one of my secret guilty pleasure reads, recently featured an article outlining the new house Jennifer Lawrence just purchased which was previously owned by Jessica Simpson.  At first I skimmed past the $7 million celeb house swap, but upon closer look realized Jessica Simpson lived in a whimsical wonderland of perfectly manicured gardens and classically designed interiors! I had to share this truly inspiring home because it epitomizes the eclectic feeling this blog tries to depict!

1The perfectly grown ivy outlines the house in all the right ways.  Not to overbearing, but adding a secluded and warm touch.


Secret garden…


3If that wasn’t enough, the interior of the home is beautifully crafted to pair classic clean lines with comfort and relaxation.

4Grand entry-way? This understated entry way gives the feeling of a grand ball room while still remaining quaint and subdued.

5Dark wood floors in a white-washed room surrounded by a variety of exterior patios gives this indoor/outdoor retreat such a unique atmosphere.

6Simple elegance in a beautiful and functional kitchen.  It’s no wonder that this home is a major Hollywood heavy-weight.  Having housed Ellen DeGeneres, Paul Hogan, Tom and Kathy Freston,  and Rick Yorn

Congratulations Jennifer Lawrence, you just moved into my dream home!

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Check out Rustic Whimsy’s New Page!

Check out Rustic Whimsy’s new Health & Fitness page!  I am hoping to share fun fitness routines, healthy recipes (which is a work in progress as my cooking skills still need work) and fitness finds!  Today’s post is a link to a great new fitness clothing website! Enjoy!


Fun Fall Decor Ideas!

It is official! Fall is upon us! I am breaking out the sweaters and switching the house over to fall décor! This season I am really into DIY decorating for fall and I found some really unique ideas I wanted to share!

7A new take on a classic.  I love when classic patterns get edgy to match a season. This chevron runner brings classic style with a fun and bold fall color.


I hate the constraint of just having an orange pumpkin.  Get creative! Paint or decorate your pumpkin in a style that suits your taste!

3I am loving the glitter! Everyone likes a little bedazzle!

1You can also hollow out a pumpkin to create beautiful centerpieces!

4Fall flower arrangements won’t be around for long, so take advantage of the brilliant colors and make your own arrangement.  I hit up Michael’s recently and made my own arrangement (with fake flowers!) and it actually came out really well and they will last longer.  Just make sure to spend the time to find the nicest arrangements.

6For Halloween I totally want to try the wine bottle candle sticks! I love the classic yet spooky look this brings to the table!

If you are looking for more ideas check out Pinterest – a number of the above photos were found here.

Getting Excited for Fall!

It was a beautiful weekend in Vermont and I took full advantage of the fall weather!  After a gorgeous day of apple picking and pulling out the fall décor for the house, a few friends and I tried our hand at some classic fall recipes!  After some trial and error we were able to create some pretty good looking pies!  I should probably note that aside from decorating a fabulous kitchen my cooking skills are rather limited (I am great at making wine and cheese), so I was really excited with how these turned out!


 We started with fresh picked apples from Shelburne Orchards, and a mix of cinnamon, nutmeg, and brown sugar!

1Then we got really creative with crisscross patterns and decorative leaves!

6Next we tried braiding and cut-outs!

4The final product was just what we hoped for!!

3All-in-all it was an excellent way to start off fall!

2Here are some views from Shelburne Orchards – I highly recommend it if you are looking for a fun weekend activity!

Also, make sure to check out Mabel Sweets Cupcakes and Specialty Cakes – one of the fabulous bakers from Mabel’s helped us out with our pie designs!