This past weekend Brad and I hosted our first FriendsGiving! It was a huge success so I thought I would share what my Thanksgiving décor looked liked and some tips for throwing a really fun dinner party!

I kept the dining table pretty minimal on the décor front because we had a lot of people to seat and I didn’t want to take up to much room. I used a lot of candles around the room though to add a little ambiance.


Make sure to put apps out early! People come hungry and if you put apps out right before dinner they will be too full when you sit down! My favorite fall appetizer is brie (heated), topped with honey and raspberries! Serve them with ginger snaps!


Host a pot luck style dinner. We assigned everyone two dishes, this way everyone contributed and hosting didn’t seem nearly as overwhelming!


I was in charge of the turkey (yes the vegetarian was put in charge of this hah). I found an amazing blog that outlined everything I needed to know for cooking my first turkey (Click Here if you would like to see the turkey directions). If you start early and give yourself plenty of time you will be that much more prepared in case anything comes up!


My final tip, invite friends that you are supper comfortable with, this way if anything goes wrong there is no judgment!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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