Black and White Obsession

So I have been at it again! Although Brad and I are not looking to move, I repeat not looking to move, (don’t worry Mom) I still cannot stop looking at houses. I have been obsessed recently! And one thing I just cannot get over is the black and white color scheme on houses. I LOVE it. It literally looks good on all styles of homes, its classic, it maintains charm, and if you want a pop of color it is the best scheme to use as a base, and then add color to. I realized that my pin board on Pinterest was overflowing with black and white houses so I thought it was finally time to share!


Black and white homes evoke such a classic feel.


 It can adapt to all styles of homes – love this oversized entry way!


I think the black and white color scheme really allows the natural surroundings to pop. Whether it is a yard, garden or farm setting I think a black and white home makes the setting look that much better.


David Adler Carriage House in Lake Forest

Adding a black door can make the entry way really pop.


You can also go for a more dated look with a weathering effect.


Stucco is a personal favorite of mine!


You can even use the black and white theme on a shed, barn, or guest house!

If you like the pictures check out Pinterest to find more! That’s where I found mine!


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