Mason Jars in Action!

Even though this Sunday was muggy and hot my mom and I braved the heat to hit up the SOWA Market’s in the South End. The outdoor markets are a great place to find unique gifts, decor, and fun additions to your space. After last weeks mason jar post I was determined to find a way to incorporate them into my space. SOWA has a great outdoor organic market and I found bundles of purple and white stasis flowers for a great deal! Stasis not only have a great scent, but after giving them 2 inches of water they will dry on their own and last a lot longer than regular arrangements. This bundle was a very doable price and after mixing and matching the dark purple, light purple, and white flowers together I had 7 full mason jars to work with!

After arranging the bundles I played around with different areas that I felt they would work in!

I put three jars on our coffee table…

One in our bathroom – which I hadn’t planned on but ended up really liking!

I made a larger bundle in a glass vase to leave in our kitchen.

Being able to tie your rooms together (without going overboard) can add a lot of character, and I am a strong believer that flowers of any kind really brighten up your space. There is no need to break the bank with flowers, or feel like you are constantly replacing them. Something like stasis, or dried lilacs, get the job done and won’t kill your budget!


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